Samsung 28L, Slim Fry, Convection Microwave Oven with Tandoor and Curd Making

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  • Brand : Samsung
  • Colour : Black
  • Heating Method : Grill, Microwave, Convection
  • Fuel Type : Electric
  • Installation Type : Freestanding

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Product Description:

The Samsung 28L Convection Microwave Oven is a culinary powerhouse that transforms your kitchen and makes cooking easier. This microwave oven is your kitchen partner for simple, tasty dishes, whether you’re a seasoned cook or a busy mom.

The 28-liter size makes it ideal for prominent families and celebrations. Bid farewell to chilly leftovers with this multifunctional appliance’s superior grilling, warming, defrosting, and cooking abilities. Additionally, it can manage baking deftly.

The 10-year guarantee on the ceramic enamel cavity, which ensures durability and longevity, makes this microwave oven unique. A standard 1-year warranty is also included for your peace of mind.

Enjoy culinary convenience with a wide selection of programs at your disposal. This microwave oven has a lot of choices, including SLIM FRY, Roti/Naan, Curd/Dough Proof, and Power Defrost. Choose the Combi mode, which mixes convection and microwave cooking for optimum results. You may easily replicate your favorite recipes with the Indian Recipe mode.

Particularly in households with small children, safety comes first. This microwave oven has a Child Safety Lock, providing total peace of mind.

Experiment with different cooking modes for a hassle-free cooking experience, regulate the convection temperature (which can be set between 40 and 200 °C), and utilize preheat and auto programs. You can even turn the sound off with the Sound On/Off function to ensure a calmer kitchen.

The ceramic enamel cavity improves durability while also being simple to clean. The package contains necessary extras, including a glass turntable, wire rack, crusty plate, and a label with a fast reference.

Using the 28L Convection Microwave Oven will improve your culinary explorations. It’s time to modernize your kitchen and experience the delight of stress-free cooking. Improve your culinary skills right now!

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What is in the box?

  • Glass Turntable, Wire Rack, Crusty Plate, Quick Guide Label


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